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Our Care - Dementia Care

People who work here do not wear uniforms, there are no drug trolleys, staff toilets, large dining rooms and other institutional features. People are viewed as family rather than 'residents.

All of our staff are trained to the highest standard in dementia care, following Dementia Care Matters 'Butterfly Household' approach. Our method of care enhances quality of life with clear outcomes that focus on well-being.

Task orientation, standing around watching people eat, and ‘doing to’ people have no place in this model of care. Instead, you will see people living and working together come alive sharing their histories.

We aim to bring out the best in staff and people living with dementia and recruit people who are genuinely caring and positive. We pride ourselves on ensuring that people live in well-being, in a 'family' focused household of people. Staff behave as best friends and create a relaxed and homely feel to the day with people busy with familiar domestic aspects to life and things that interest them personally.

Our dementia care homes