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Will my Mum be able to make herself a cup of tea and keep some independence?

Each house has a small kitchenette that the staff and people living here can use to prepare their own drinks and snacks together and continue to do the familiar things like wash up. We encourage this for as long as people are able.

How will we know which member of staff to talk to about my Dad?

Your Dad will have a named nurse and key worker who will be the first point of contact for you to talk to. They will also contact you to meet up if you wish to be involved in your Dads care planning.

If my husband wants to go into the garden will he be able to get outside?

The garden is enclosed and very secure and people are able to go outside as they wish. There are staff members who can accompany people outside too and in nice weather there will be several people enjoying the garden together. 

What about personal belongings? can my brother bring his own items with him when he moves in?

It is important that your brother has some familiar things near him that can help him to maintain his identity and trigger relevant topics of conversation for us to talk to him about. A photograph album is helpful and you can bring in a piece of furniture and pictures for his room.  We will need your help to learn as much about your brother and his life history as possible.

How often will we be able to visit and spend time with Mum?

There are no strict visiting times. You can come and go as you please and if you let us know you are coming at a specific time we can arrange for you to share a meal with your Mum. We are very keen that you feel comfortable and at home here and become a familiar face.

Why don’t the staff wear uniforms?

Our aim is to ensure that there are no barriers between the people living and working in our dementia care homes. No barriers between or symbols of control that are represented by uniform and no barriers that might prevent positive connections and interactions that equal those of best friends and family sharing the day together.

Do people have a choice of what they want to eat?

A minimum of two choices is available at each meal. People are offered a choice at the beginning of the meal; they are not asked to order in advance. In addition, we have taken note of any preferences and dislikes and the kitchen and care staff become very familiar with each person’s taste. The main kitchen is open 10 hours every day but food is available 24 hours for snacks in each house which has a small, well stocked kitchenette.

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