Church Farm Care are extremely proud to achieve a Level 1 Butterfly Award for the 3rd year running, at Church Farm Nursing Home in Cotgrave.  This is given to homes with exceptional person centred dementia care of the highest quality of life level.

It is a vey significant achievement to sustain this level of exceptional dementia care over an extended period of time and Dementia Care Matters congratulates all those who have worked so hard to contribute to this outcome.

The report from Dementia Care Matters noted that there’s a very positive β€˜go with the flow’ approach by staff who appear not to be bound by unnecessary routines. They observed exceptional skill and patience in staff who were supporting people with complex needs.

They also saw that there is lots of natural, warm and positive interactions between staff and people who live here, there's a calm relaxed atmosphere where people show they are free to just be themselves.

Key areas from the audit noted exceptionally patient, calm and loving support by many staff in helping people to eat lunch.

Phenomenal team effort by the whole team providing 1 to 1 support wherever needed.

High quality home-cooked food.

Exceptionally skilled staff team in later stage dementia care who created many inspired

moments for people living here.

Clever use of music to really connect with and reach individuals who appear very progressed in their dementia.

Church Farm care are overjoyed to achieve this award for the 3rd year running, well done team!