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Rusticus - Bluebell House

Set in a peaceful woodland surroundings, people who live with us in Bluebell house are looked after by our wonderful, caring staff for whom nothing is too much trouble. Bluebell House has been refurbished this year to a very high standard.  The living area includes a pub, and a kitchen that is for the use of the people who live with us, so that people can engage in every day activities, such as setting the table or peeling vegetables. Mealtimes are very important sociable times when people who live in the house and people who work in the house come together as a family group, enhanced by people who visit and share this time with us.     

Our aim at Church Farm Care is to create environments that look and feel like ‘home.’ We achieve this with small intimate households with living and dining all situated close by. People share their lives with a family of people living and working together. At Rusticus there are three households, each is designed to reflect the needs and support the lifestyles of the people living there. Lifelong occupations continue in people's daily life.

People’s own bedrooms provide private space personal to them, enhanced with their own belongings and creating a feeling of familiarity and safety that is truly their own. All bedrooms will soon have en-suite bathroom facilities enabling privacy for each person. All will soon have a small patio garden that families and friends can enjoy together. The extensive woodland gardens provide the opportunity for people to take a good walk outdoors and enjoy a sense of the countryside.  

"If you had a million pounds to spend you would not get better care than on offer at Church Farm at Rusticus. The standards were incredibly high. My mother found happiness at Church Farm. With my own eyes, I have seen the kindest, sweetest people give choices, care and liberation to the residents. The place is warm and homely, the staff are completely focused on the residents and I have never seen such calm and dedicated, hard-working people in all of my life. The food is good and the staff got to know my mother and her likes and dislikes very quickly. There was such dignity and respect every minute all day and all night. I hope all the people who need it find a place like Church Farm."

Nicola E